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Customized non-woven bag introduction

Non-woven bag custom (peritoneal bag, laser bag)

Conventional non-woven bag (mainly screen printing)

Peritoneal non-woven bag (supporting color printing)

PET non-woven bag (heat transfer printing can be used to support color printing)

Gold and silver laser non-woven bag (light, reflected light)

Aluminized non-woven bag (light, reflected light)

Ultrasonic process non-woven bag (wireless seam, beautiful style)

Due to the consideration of corporate customers' custom non-woven bags for gifts to consumers, the quality of the bags is directly related to the image of the company, and in some cases customers are eager to participate in exhibitions or other various promotional activities, the production speed of the bags and The delivery time is high, so the following points are provided for the quick inquiry and preparation of the production bag as a reference:

First, the custom non-woven bag specifications

      Non-woven bags in four different forms

Form 1. The style of the organ type non-woven bag is (height, width, side width)

Form 2. Ultrasonic punch pocket (height, wide, occasional side width)

Form 3. Plane bag (high, wide, special conditions will appear at the bottom of the customer need to inform the rules)

Form 4. Bunch pocket (height, width)

Form 1 and Form 2 are hand-held (total length 50cm width 2.5cm)

Form 2 and Form 4 without hand

Second, non-woven bag fabric weight

Non-woven fabrics have 2 kinds of fabrics (1, Grade A materials, usually the materials commonly used in our factory are not special requirements are this material. 2, A + materials, for high-quality fabrics need to be informed in advance.)

The weight of the non-woven bag is 60-120 g (60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120)

Third, non-woven bag printing requirements

At present, most of the non-woven bags on the market are screen printing or peritoneal printing, and others such as heat transfer printing and thermal transfer are relatively less.

Screen printing is the most widely used printing method; peritoneal printing, heat transfer printing and thermal transfer are relatively rare, and such printing is generally a color pattern, a gradation pattern.

Fourth, the minimum number of non-woven bags

  Ordinary screen printing non-woven bags have a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces.

  The minimum order quantity for peritoneal printing non-woven bags is 5,000.

  The minimum order quantity of thermal transfer non-woven bags is 5000

  The minimum order quantity for hot stamping printing non-woven bags is 5000

Five, non-woven bag special production process

   One. Hand fork

   two. Hand strap buckle, metal buckle

   three. Carry it to the end (the length of the hand reaches the bottom of the bag)

   four. Non-woven bag with zipper

   Fives. Non-woven bag with washing label

The principle of “the same quality and lowest price” allows each and every customer to maximize the benefits as much as possible; so that each of our customers can be the most worry-free, labor-saving and time-saving. Every cooperation.

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