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Cotton Bag

The cotton bag is an environmentally friendly bag that is small, convenient, durable and does not pollute the environment. The biggest benefit is the ability to reuse. Thereby reducing the pollution of the environment to a greater extent.

Cotton bag: An internationally popular environmentally friendly cloth bag. Cotton is taken from natural cotton, and most environmentally friendly cotton bags are rarely dyed. The cotton bag material is very environmentally friendly on the raw materials; in addition, because the fabric price of the cotton bag is higher than the price of the non-woven fabric, the enterprises and units that choose it are generally more environmentally friendly, more powerful, and will not save on the ink. That is cost; it is degradable, it has no pollution to the environment; its firmness is much higher than that of non-woven fabrics, and its texture is very good, which is better than non-woven fabric; it is also stronger than non-woven fabric; The fabric is soft and easy to fold and carry; it is easier to clean the cotton cloth than the non-woven fabric. This bag is most suitable as a shopping bag, but it is not popular because of its high cost and complicated process.

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