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Insulated picnic cooler bag:Personalised bags for events

The favourite promotional item by far for conferences, trade fairs, congresses etc. are personalised bags for events – rapidly growing in popularity! Something which doesn’t surprise us when we’ve seen so many fantastic designs!

For this year’s Smashing Conference, held in the ‘Palau de la Música’ in Barcelona we produced a series of personalised tote bags with long straps with their excellent cool cat design:

Personalised bags for events

Customised bags for events

Customised tote bags are great for this type of event for multiple reasons: they’re useful for promoting the organiser or the event in itself, for keeping and carrying documents, folders, information, promotional leaflets, maps, books and even personal items you may need throughout the events.

They can be sold as a form of merchandise or funding for the event or given away as an advertising gimmick… it’s a win-win situation!

In Andy's workshop

In Vitaly's workshop

One of the main advantages of this type of textile accessory is the price. We’ve a range of affordable bags for personalising, especially if you choose to print your design or logo with screen-printing.

The Smashing Conference examples are printed with 2-colour screen-printing and the truth is that they’ve combined perfectly the colours of the design with the navy blue tote bag.

Remember that an effective way of saving money and yet creating a genius design for your printed shopping bags is by inverting the design so that you use the negative image, taking advantage of the colour of the bag and saving money on the inks!

Printed bags


Basic promotional bags

If your design is slightly different to this or you want to print a photo or an image with shading or lots of colours we can offer you other printing techniques too:

CAD-cut vinyl

Classic transfer

Digital transfer

Another advantage of printed bags, compared to the classic printed t-shirt, is that there is no issue choosing sizes and the models you do choose can be used by everyone ! One less thing to worry about – very helpful when you’re organising big events.

In our online bag catalogue you’ll find a wide variety of other tote bags with long and short straps of various shapes and sizes, like the Joytex range for example:




New York





As well as these basic promotional bags, we also offer shoulder bags, gym-sack-style draw-string backpacks, rucksacks and many more… All ready to be personalised with your company logo, slogan or design. We’re sure you’ll find something for your needs but don’t hesitate to ask us if you need any help!

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