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pp non woven shopping bag:Elegant personalised T-shirts and bags

When someone says personalised T-shirts or customised bags perhaps you think of conference giveaways or one-day events, university socials, hen nights etc. Maybe you’re not so familiar with the world of elegant personalised T-shirts and bags so this week we’ve brought you some examples to broaden your horizons…

The first of which is a personalised T-shirt with rhinestone. For those of you who’ve not heard of rhinestone printing before, you may know it as the Swarovski technique or strass.

Personalised t-shirts rhinestone

Rhinestone tees

As you can see, this technique gives customised T-shirts a touch of elegance. You can personalise them with designs, texts or logos. To be able to calculate a quote using rhinestone we need you to send us your completed design, logo or slogan in order for us to count the stones needed. We’re able to reproduce images of all different sizes, shapes and colours, allowing you to create colourful, fashionable garments for whatever your needs.

Cuccio, like many other designer retailers, perfume brands, jewellers, cosmetic stores etc. chose to use diamante transfers for their company uniforms.

Personalise t-shirts with rhinestone

Customised t-shirts

There are some things to consider with this printing method:

It can be used on various materials: cotton, polyester, blends, single jersey stitching…

All garments must be washed inside-out in cold water.

Delivery time can range from 12-21 days.

The minimum order is 10 items with the same design.

Not only can we personalise T-shirts with rhinestone but we can also use it on sweatshirts, bags etc. And don’t forget the endless possibilities when you combine different techniques!

Our second example is a very fashionable personalised bag for a young Spanish jewellery designer: Abril Ribera. At the moment as you may have noticed, these shopping bags are all the rage and they’re even better when they’ve been personalised with a fantastic design like this one in 1-colour screen-printing.

Customised bags golden ink

Gold screen-printing

These tote bags were a great choice to contrast this simple yet effective logo printed in gold screen-printing, producing a very professional, elegant result, ideal for up-and-coming designers.

When printing with either gold or silver screen-printing, bear in mind that the price is slightly more expensive than normal colour screen-printing.

Fashionable personalised bag

Customised tote bags

Not only can we create great promotional items with screen-printed designs but we can also offer more complex designs with other techniques such as digital transfer or classic transfer for large orders.

Given the recent rise in online sales and alternative, hipster style, these shopping bags are really flying off the shelves so if you’ve got an idea for a design, why not send it to us so we can send you a personalised quote for your very own customised tote bags. Take a look at our online bag catalogue for more inspiration.

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