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Where are the brown paper bags generally sold, how the price is calculated, three questions will make you no longer be fooled

As the green packaging trend of future environmental protection - kraft paper bags, more and more favored by the majority of suppliers, in reality we are more and more seen, many international big-name companies abroad such as Zara, Uniqlo, domestic such as Anta , Hung Hom, etc. are beginning to use kraft paper bags as their own green packaging for future enterprises. Large enterprises enjoy VIP treatment because of their rich and natural circumstances. However, our start-ups and even small businesses are characterized by low volume and low unit price. It is difficult to find a suitable supplier. As an 11-year experience in the production of kraft paper bags, let's talk to you about where kraft paper bags are generally sold. How do you calculate the price of kraft paper bags? I believe you read this article. After that, I will definitely have some experience.

First, where the kraft paper bags are generally sold, according to their own scale, they set the search conditions on the Internet.

I want to be a seller. When we decide to use a kraft paper bag as our outer packaging, we must make good use of the network. When we are a small business, we can use the "kraft paper bag wholesale" in the selection of keywords, because when we can't reach the bottom line of the factory, then we can find the factory and the factory. We will not pay attention to ours. On the contrary, due to the flexible changes, the wholesalers of kraft paper bags are likely to integrate and optimize in the perspective of the entire industrial chain, so that the calculated price is not allowed to be cheaper.

If we are a start-up company, the amount is not small, then we can search for keywords on the network, such as "kraft paper bag custom" "paper bag factory" keywords are good choices, of course, the most critical point That is, we can chat with the factory and ask them what big customers are preparing for production recently. What are their sizes and materials? If it is not much different from our own design, then we can The customer's size and materials to do our products, the advantage is that we follow the local tyrants, in the raw materials and many other processes, the price we get is the big customer price, so our cost can naturally be saved.

When your business needs a lot of kraft paper bags, what else to look for, sit at home and wait for the factory to find you.

Second, how to calculate the price of kraft paper bags, there are many doorways.

Customers who often make kraft paper bags must have encountered such problems. The size of my own design has not changed much, and sometimes the size has become smaller, but the price has not changed. Sometimes I also print a thousand kraft paper bags, but the difference between the price of 1,000 prints and the price of 1000 models is very large. How are these problems caused? Today I will briefly analyze some of the factors that affect prices.

First of all, the price must be related to the utilization of your materials. We all know that paper cannot be infinitely wide and infinitely long. For transportation and use, it is necessary to set a fixed size. When we want to make a kraft paper bag, we must make an imposition. When your kraft paper bag size is put together and the raw material paper just matches, then your utilization rate is the highest; otherwise when your kraft paper bag size, fight If there is spare space between the paper and the raw materials, then the extra paper will become waste paper. Although it can't produce benefits, it still needs to be calculated in your cost.

Secondly, the printing of kraft paper bags is unique. Sometimes you have a number that has a huge impact on the product. More than one number of kraft paper bags and unnumbered kraft paper bags require machine and mold costs. The price of the version, although it looks a lot like this, but this is exactly two versions. The more the quantity, the less the cost is evenly distributed, so this is why the price of 1000 three models differs from the price of 1000 one. For such a big reason, you think that the same design of kraft paper bags is useless, and it is necessary for the factory to agree.

Third, the price of the kraft paper bag expedited is not the same as the normal process price.

The students who have done logistics know that the logistics industry is most afraid of what is happening outside the plan. Today, a big cargo, no response for ten days, suddenly came again, so the number of trucks and the size of the container are really It is difficult to arrange, and the duration of kraft paper bag is the same, because any company that makes an order needs to order, and step by step according to the rules of the factory. In this case, production has arrangements, plans are arranged, and the natural rhythm is brought. Very good, but if you are making an urgent order, you will face the problem of inserting the order. If you want to know the order, it is not easy to just put the single row in front. You insert the order, what should the original production order do? What to do with the order behind him, will it be because of the problem of inserting orders to produce goods without producing other goods, which ones can be inserted, those that can not be inserted, these need manpower to coordinate the deployment, and these are all needed If you spend money, it is not difficult to understand why the price of the urgent order will be very expensive, because you increase the production cost of others and naturally pay for it.

The above is some explanations of how many years of factory sales for kraft paper bags, how to calculate the price of kraft paper bags, why the kraft paper bags are so expensive, I think everyone understands these three problems, the next time I meet the same thing. You can tell others boldly, don't think about fooling me, my door is clear.

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