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Wrapping paper

Refers to the paper used for packaging, high strength, low moisture content, low gas permeability, no corrosive effect, and certain water resistance. It is also very beautiful to use.

Paper used for food packaging also requires hygiene, sterility, and non-contaminating impurities.

Packaging papers include kraft paper, chicken paper, paper bag paper, parchment paper, cellophane, tar paper, moisture-proof paper, gunpowder wrapping paper, neutral wrapping paper, translucent paper, rust-proof paper, greaseproof paper, food wrapping paper, paraffin paper, Tea bag paper, red electric light cannon paper, vacuum aluminum coated paper, composite paper, etc.

A general term for a type of paper used for packaging purposes. Can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, trademark packaging paper, greaseproof paper, moisture-proof paper and so on. Ordinary wrapping paper is strong and can be used for general packaging, such as kraft paper and chicken paper. Special packaging papers are named according to their use, and their properties are also different. For example, the fruit wrapping paper is thin and soft, the photosensitive protective paper is black and not transparent, and the cement bag paper is tough and not easily broken. Trademark wrappers are printed and packaged, such as candy wrappers. The greaseproof paper has properties to prevent penetration of grease, such as plant parchment, butter paper, and the like. Moisture-proof paper is moisture-proof, such as tar paper, oil paper, aluminum foil and so on.

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