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How much is a green bag?

The price of a green bag ranges from 3 to 5 hairs, and some canvas bags cost about 5 yuan. The price fluctuation depends on many factors:

1. Product size: The fabric must be squared first. The front and back of the front and back are all in one piece, and some have side sides plus side x2, bag x, and some customers want to wrap, even if the square of the wrapping edge.

2, fabric: different fabric prices are different, the quality is also different, such as filling recycling materials cheap, but the quality is general, the load is small, the new material quality is good, durable bearing high. Baiying Environmental Bag uses a new material.

3, printing costs: mechanical printing, manual printing, thermal transfer, film (price from low to high, the effect is from poor to fine).

4, processing costs: according to the different processes are divided into hot and sewing. The processing steps are divided into lifting belt, bag printing, X-ray, and side sewing. Worker costs vary from place to place.

How much is a green bag?

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