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paper bag manufacturer:6 Big-Name Companies Buying Promotional Products

Plenty of business owners wonder whether or not promotional products are actually worth the money.

kevin oleary

Multi-millionaire businessman Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has a few opinions on promotional marketing. “It definitely works,” he says. “We’ve learned on Shark Tank that products like these can sell hundreds of millions of dollars. I’m sold on it.”

For a small business owner in particular, a few hundred dollars on promotional bags or a couple thousand on a big batch of branded t-shirts can seem like a really overwhelming cost. But if that kind of spending feels like a lot, you won’t believe how much big business spends annually just to put out new promotional items. They obviously know the data behind promotions say they work! 

Here’s a quick look at some of the most unexpected big-spenders in the promotional products industry…


Spending about $85,000,000 a year

Seen those prescription-emblazoned pens in your doctor’s waiting room? That’s part of this spend.

marlboroPhillip Morris

Spending about $44,000,000 a year

It’s easy to find Marlboro-branded items online such as poker chips or beer mugs.

U.S. Government

Spending about $29,000,000 a year

Did you know so many of your tax dollars are going towards coffee mugs and mouse pads?


Spending about $45,000,000 a year

From teddy bears to canvas bags, IBM spends big money on branded merchandise.


Home Depot

Spending about $16,000,000 a year

From videos to coupons, Home Depot is stretching the limits of what’s considered promotional.

U.S. Dairy Producers

Spending about $11,000,000 a year

Who new milk makers had so much dough to spend on promotional gear?

The good news is, if you’re a small or medium-sized business you can get away with making just a few strategic investments in promotions for far less money. One of the easiest, least expensive promotional products out there are custom made branded bags and The Bag Ladies is where it all starts!

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