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Why Kraft Bags Are Popular and How They Are Reused

When buying clothes, the packaging provided by the merchants is made of kraft paper bags. Why are kraft paper bags widely used now? Can we reuse kraft paper bags? In this regard, sinceyoung specially collected some relevant information, hoping to help related friends. The following is an introduction to "the reasons why kraft paper bags are popular and how to reuse them".

[Why kraft paper bags are popular with everyone]

Products packed in kraft paper are very common in our lives. In the past two years, with the global popularity of the "anti-plastic" wind, products packed with kraft paper have become more and more popular with consumers, and kraft paper bags have become more and more corporate product packaging.

We know that there are usually three colors of kraft paper, one is khaki, khaki brown, the second is half-bleached kraft pulp, light brown, and the third is full-bleached kraft paper, cream or white.

First, the advantages of kraft paper bags:

1. Environmental protection performance of kraft paper bags. As more and more attention is paid to environmental protection, kraft paper is also non-toxic and tasteless. The difference is that kraft paper is non-polluting and can be recycled.

2. Printing performance of kraft paper bags. The special color of kraft paper is one of its characteristics. Moreover, the kraft paper bag does not need to be printed full-board, and only a simple line can outline the beauty of the product pattern. The packaging effect is better than the plastic packaging bag. At the same time, the printing cost of kraft paper bags is greatly reduced, and the production cost and production cycle of its packaging are also reduced.

3. Processing performance of kraft paper bags. Compared with shrink film, kraft paper has certain cushioning performance, drop resistance and stiffness, and the mechanical parts of the product can be processed with good cushioning properties, which is convenient for composite processing.

Second, the disadvantages of kraft paper bags:

The main disadvantage of kraft paper bags is that they cannot encounter water. The kraft paper that has been exposed to water is softened. The entire kraft paper bag is also softened by water. The place where the bags are stored must be ventilated and dry, and plastic bags have this problem.

Another small disadvantage is that if kraft paper bags are printed with rich and delicate patterns, that effect cannot be achieved. Because the surface of kraft paper is relatively rough, there will be uneven ink when the ink is printed on the surface of the kraft paper.

Therefore, compared to plastic packaging bags, the printed patterns of plastic packaging bags are relatively delicate. Zhongbao Caisu believes that if the contents of the packaging bag are liquid, the packaging material should not be made of kraft paper as much as possible. Of course, if you must use kraft paper, you should also use kraft paper to prevent the kraft paper from contacting the liquid.

[How to recycle waste kraft paper bags]

We usually say that kraft paper bags are very environmentally friendly because they can be recycled, but even durable kraft paper bags can be discarded, so let's teach everyone how to use waste kraft paper bags as a basket, so we Discarded kraft paper bags can still be used.

We can make discarded kraft paper bags into a delicate paper basket, which can be filled with fruits and some delicious afternoon tea snacks.

If we want to make some baskets, we must first prepare the materials: kraft shopping bags, steel rulers, markers, scissors, hot glue guns and glue sticks.

1. Open the kraft paper bag.

2. Mark a strip with a width of 3cm on the opened kraft paper bag.

3. Cut out 18 long notes.

4, the two sticks are lengthened into one, into three long.

5. Fold the paper tape vertically in half.

6. The two handles from which the paper bag was removed are intertwined and glued together to serve as a blue hand.

7. Tighten one end of each of the twelve paper strips side by side and stick them to the other two paper strips cut out.

8. Cross-shaped chevron weaving.

9. The two rows of paper strips are woven and moved to the center position, and the other ends of the hand strip are also fixed with the remaining paper strips.

10. Fold the four sides of the woven note to the opposite side.

11. Cut off the extra length of paper tape used for pasting and fixing.

12, erect the four sides of the hand strip, take three pieces of paper with the same width around the weaving.

13. Finish the four sides of the knitting to cut off the excess length.

14. Cut out the hand bars on the inner side of the four sides, and then fold them out into the horizontal hand bars.

15. Trim the outside handle bar and fold it inwards into the horizontal handle bar.

16. Insert the hand that lifts the blue into the handle bars on both sides.

17. Cut out two square pieces of paper and use hot glue to cover the two ends of the inserted hand.

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