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custom non woven bag:6 Things to Remember About Promotional Products

Whether you’re a new business, a small business, or just hoping to drum up some growth, investing in promotional items for your company is a smart marketing move that will pay dividends if you do it right. But do you know everything you need to know about how promotional products are best used? Here are six things to keep in mind when it comes to your promotional materials.

1. Your market will dictate your promotional items.

There are dozens of great promotional products out there: custom bags, pens, t-shirts…but it’s important to take into consideration what your customers want. Are they likely to use a tote bag? Do they drink a lot of coffee and need a new travel mug?

2. Longevity is a big consideration.

Obviously some promotional items last longer than others. Studies show people keep promotional bags longer than any other item but wearables, health-related items, and cups/mugs are also good for the long-term, too. The longer your customers keep your giveaway the more impressions you’ll get.

crowd3. Consider secondary and tertiary impressions.

It’s not all about the impression you get when you give an item away. If you plan strategically, your giveaway can actually hit dozens or hundreds of eyes during it’s lifetime – that’s why wearables like bags and shirts perform so well. Cost is a reflection of function, and wearable items are very functional for your customer and your marketing dollar.

4. Decide between evergreen and one-off promotion.

Maybe you’ve got a big sale coming up to advertise or maybe you want to order promotional products you can give away for years. The design of your product is totally up to you and what you decide will depend on your goals. It’s typically best to invest in evergreen promotional products that won’t grow “stale” if you don’t give them out right away, but the choice is yours.

5. Lead the customer to action with your product.

It’s no longer enough just to focus on brand recognition. Today’s promotional products actually drive an action like visiting a website, calling a phone number, or scanning a QR code. Don’t put your brand in front of a customer and give them no indication what you’d like them to do!

6. Your marketing budget is not a luxury.

Too many small businesses immediately cut marketing spend when faced with a budget shortage. That’s a mistake. It’s important to keep your marketing materials flowing to keep current customers and win new ones…the health of your business depends on it. Marketing materials, particularly evergreen products, are never a waste of money.



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