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Sugarcane pulp tableware, a new choice for environmental protection in catering

In particular, in the takeout industry, plastic tableware and foam tableware used by many businesses have caused serious damage to the environment. Therefore, many easy-to-degrade paper products and pulp tableware have been introduced, such as disposable paper-pulp tableware made of sugarcane pulp. Then why said sugarcane pulp environmental tableware is environmental tableware? Because sugarcane pulp environmental tableware is a kind of pulp tableware, pulp tableware is based on sugarcane bagasse, straw residue and other annual non-wood plant fiber as raw material, after processing into pulp, through the mold of the pulp by vacuum adsorption forming, drying, and then through high-tech science and technology treatment, the application of food-grade waterproof and oil-proof additives, and then through deep processing made of can replace metal, Plastic cutlery for people to use.

Pulp tableware is known as environmentally friendly tableware because of its non-toxic, easy to recycle, renewable, degradable and compostable advantages. Disposable sugarcane pulp environmental protection tableware belongs to green products, the use of bagasse is harmless to human health, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to degrade, manufacturing, use and destruction process are pollution-free. So disposable sugarcane pulp tableware is environmentally friendly tableware.



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