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non woven drawstring bag:27 Ways to Use a Tote Bag

Some are custom printed with brand names and others were given to us at weddings or conferences or other group events. But what good are they? What can you really do with your seemingly-endless collection of cotton bags?

Here are 27 ideas to get behind…

1. Take your tote to the grocery store to avoid using more plastic bags than you have to.

2. Use a tote in place of your gym bag – it’s easier to wash and won’t get as cluttered!

3. Carry your laptop in a tote bag from place to place for a less ‘business’ style.

4. Pick up some delicious fruits and veggies at the local farmer’s market and take them home in your earth-friendly tote.

5. Got a small pet? Your tote bag (with strong handles!) can be used to transport Fido from one place to another.

6. Tuck a folded tote in your suitcase. On the return trip you’ll have an instant carry on for souvenirs and airport magazines.

7. Spend a Saturday picking up litter in your neighborhood and collecting it in your tote (just wash it when you get home!)

8. Got donations? Give them away in an old tote bag which instantly becomes part of your giveaway items.

9. Have your small daughter use a tote bag like a purse – she can’t break it or scratch it and she’ll love collecting her toys. tote bag 27 uses

10. Loan a few of your favorite books to one of your friends, delivered in a tote.

11. Turn a tote bag into your beach bag – washing it will remove the sand and you won’t have to worry about it being stolen or stained with sunscreen.

12. Use a large tote bag as a laundry transport system to get clean clothes from the laundry room to their rightful place.

13. Exchange your paper lunch bags for a tote. It’s more eco-friendly and cheaper over time!

14. Are you a teacher? A tote bag is the perfect way to take papers home at night for easy grading.

15. There’s no better diaper bag than a tote. They’re easy to wash and hold more than you think.

16. Create a craft project for your kids with a tote and some fabric paint.

17. Deliver baked goods for a sick friend or neighbor and drop them off in a tote bag.

18. Store your nice purses inside tote bags to keep them from getting scratched and nicked.

19. Make a “bow bag” out of an old tote where you store your wrapping accessories like bows and tape.

20. Kids have costumes? Stuff them into totes to keep them organized and make them easier to store.

21. Speaking of storage, totes make great storage spots for Legos and other tiny toys. cotton tote 3

22. If you garden often consider stuffing a tote bag with commonly-used supplies are carrying it with you from bed to bed.

23. Nesting your sheet sets inside a cotton tote bag will help keep them unwrinkled and make for easier stacking during storage.

24. Fill a tote with coffee beans and sew the opening shut – you’ve got an instant pillow or bed for the cat!

25. Taking a trip to the beach? Use your tote to collect seashells so you can wash the sand out easily when you get home.

26. Hang a tote bag over the back of your car’s headrest to create instant storage for the backseat.

27. Use it again and again! After all…that’s what totes are for!

Do you have any great uses for tote bags we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear them!

Tell us about your ideas below.

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